Mark Pitstick on Toward The Light 2 Nov!

~ Notes from Nightingale ~

When I was young I always had to have something to draw on or paint … or I was sitting at the piano … or singing to the flowers and trees; i.e. I was always into something very creative.  I’m not pleased by the fact that I’ve not picked up a paintbrush and paints for nearly 25 years (!) and I honestly don’t know when I’ll ever have the opportunity to paint or seriously draw again.

However, I’ve stumbled upon a new form of drawing and painting: building websites!  I become ever so creative using this medium now and what’s interesting is that I combine my multifaceted experience in print media along with the creative process of an artist to design and build websites.  They can’t just be pretty; they need to read well, be easy to navigate and function properly.  Indeed, there is a LOT to doing websites and I marvel that I managed to learn HTML (hyper text mark-up language) code, which is such a ‘left brain’ thing (and I’m NOT!) and I have got to the point of doing very professional work.  It’s very creative and gratifying — especially once the website is published and goes live.

Well, two such births just took place this week!  First, let me say that I’m so pleased that I finally gave birth to the all new Light On The Water (LOTW) NDE Support & interest Group community site where I consolidated everything and have moved away from the tacky and limited Yahoo and Google group sites. I wanted to have a site where members could be a lot more interactive and have more options and resources available to them … and I did it!  I have launched the LOTW site at and, being up for only a few days, we’re already at 40 members and counting!  We’ve got a lot of happy campers on this site, I can tell, and I’m so pleased and honoured that it’s worked so well thus far and I’m very optimistic for the future of this group.

Please do visit the group and feel free to join.  It will be so lovely to have you and you can invite others as well, as there is no charge to join.  Again, this is an NDE support and interest group that’s proving to be very important and meaningful to people already.  It’s not just for experiencers (NDEs, OBEs, STEs, ADCs, DBVs, etc.), but researchers, caregivers, loved ones of experiencers, enlightened media, students and more.

And speaking of LOTW, due to a huge wedding taking place at the Victorian Station Tea Room on 15 November, we’ve had to change our local LOTW meeting to the following Saturday, 22 November, for this month only!  Then we’ll return to our regular day of the third Saturday of the month.  In November, then, I’ll be facilitating TWO LOTW meetings on 22 November — the local one here in Hampton and the one via teleconference.  The nice thing about the new LOTW group site is that any member can add events such as meetings, book-signings, radio or TV broadcasts, speaking engagements, workshops and more.  So do pay attention to the site for updates such as the above-mentioned one join the community while you’re at it.

And the second new site is the one you’re seeing this newsletter on!  The other site was proving to be extremely unstable; plus I was receiving spam comments, which did have to be approved in advance, thank goodness, but it’s still a nuisance and time-consuming, not to mention unnerving!  Hopefully this site host will prove better and offer more options.  I am taking some of the older newsletters and placing them herein so people can go back and read them at their leisure.  It’s still a work in progress, so please bear with me. The old site will still be up, but no longer being used.  I really hope you enjoy the look, feel and functionality of both of these new sites and be able to appreciate the frustrated and ‘mad’ genius/artist behind them! 😉

I did go to the music jam at the Tea Room and Chris — the owner of the tea room who’s a musician — asked me to perform with his group on 6 December, so I’ve got my first gig in Virginia!  I’ll just be adding vocals and percussion and it will be such fun, I’m sure.

Nancy Clark, a fellow NDEr and friend and the facilitator of the Columbus, Ohio IANDS meetings referred me to a special soul, Mark Pitstick, who produced a film featuring Nancy and he’s the author of the book, Soul Proof.  I’m pleased to say that Mark is going to be my special guest on Toward The Light this Sunday, 2 November at 5P ET/10P UK.

(Please note: The UK has already returned to ‘standard’/GMT time but America turns its clocks back this weekend!  Beware of this fickle little ditty that gets more people thrown off and confused than anything!  Since it’s ‘standard’ time only FOUR months out of the entire year in America, why even bother with changing the time at all ?  Just leave it ‘daylight’ all year round instead of adding so much confusion!)

This Week On
~ Sunday, 2 November 2008 ~

Mark PitstickMark Pitstick, B.S., M.A., D.C., has over 30 years experience and training in hospitals, mental health centres, pastoral counselling settings, and holistic private practice.

His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology and pastoral counselling studies, a master’s in clinical psychology, and a doctorate in chiropractic health care.

He was trained and certified in past life regression therapy by Brian Weiss, M.D., and the after-death contact technique by Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D. A frequent radio and TV talk show guest, Mark hosted ‘Soul-utions’, a nationally syndicated radio show focusing on after-life evidence and practical spirituality. He produced an audio set featuring exclusive interviews with renowned guests like Drs. Moody, Weiss, Bernie Siegel, Wayne Dyer, and others.

Dr. Pitstick has facilitated many workshops and counselling sessions across the country at churches, expos, and retreats. His articles have been featured in many magazines and newspapers. His bi-monthly newsletter is subscribed to by thousands of people. As a result of these various outreaches, Dr. Pitstick has a large world-wide following.

Dr. Pitstick’s diverse training, clinical experience, multi-media exposure, and service outreaches uniquely qualify him to write and teach about soul and after-life issues. He considers this project to be part of his soul’s mission and brings an indefatigable sense of passion to this work. Many personal and professional life experiences have led him to this calling.

Soul Proof



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