Jan Vandersande on Toward The Light 23.11!

~ Notes from Nightingale~

Light On The Water ~ This is a reminder that we’re having both LOTW meetings on the same day, this Saturday, 22 November.  The local one will be from 1-3P US ET at the Victorian Station Tea Room ~ 36 N. Mallory Street (look for the pink Victorian house).  Normally our local meeting takes place on the third Saturday, but due to the tea room being booked for a special event, we moved our meeting to this weekend instead.  Our ‘virtual’ LOTW meeting via teleconference takes place from 9-11P US ET. The telephone number to ring in is 712.775.7100 ~ access code is 512070# ~

Also, there’s the LOTW Community on-line that people can join without charge that’s a wonderful interactive site with already over 50 members!  This is also a great way to keep abreast of things centred on near-death studies and support.

This is a brief newsletter, as there’s much going on presently and it’s been a rough week health-wise for me, so we’ll share a lot more next week…

Meanwhile, Jack Lardis has been so kind to set up a healing meditation for me on 30 November.  Please see below:

Dear Friends —

As you know Reverend Juliet Nightingale now lives in Hampton, Virginia near Virginia Beach, VA Her abdominal region has a life-threatening condition and she suffers from intense maladies.  One of her NDEs resulted from colon cancer and she still deals with severe challenges in this area. Please set side 10-minutes on Sunday, Nov. 30th at our regular 2PM US eastern time to send Juliet your energy, power, and prayer.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 30th
2pm Us eastern time
Hampton, Virginia

See various Time Zones below)

Time Zones:
Australia  Monday, December 1st
– Western 4 AM
– Central 5 AM
– Eastern 6 AM
China 2 AM
India 1 AM
Israel, Sunday, November 30th at 9 PM
Holland – Sunday, November 30th, at 8 PM
Athens – 9PM
UK – 7P
South America:
– Eastern Noon
– Central 1 PM
– Western 2 PM
North America:
– New York – EST  at 2 PM
– Chicago, Dallas – CST at 1 PM
– Helena, Alabama CST at 1 PM
– Mountain Standard Time (MST) at Noon
– California PST at 11 AM

– 7P UK


This Week On
~ Sunday, 23 November 2008 ~
Jan Vandersande

Jan Vandersande
Jan W. Vandersande, Ph.D., author of the book, Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, has published more than 80 scientific articles so brings a wealth of technical expertise to bear on the subject. He holds a doctorate in physics and has served professorships at the University of Witwatersand, South Africa, as well as Cornell University. Dr. Vandersande has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is currently the communications director for VIASPACE Inc. He spends a lot of his spare time reading about, analysing and writing about psychic phenomena.

Life After Death

Life AFter Death


~ by ttlnews on 21 November, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jan Vandersande on Toward The Light 23.11!”

  1. Thanks Jack

    However, you’re forgetting us people back where Juliet came from!!! Please could you tell us what time to give healing with the rest of you guys.

    Jon from England

  2. Thank you, Jon, for pointing this out and how daft of me not to spot it in advance! I guess I’m revealing how unwell I am by not spotting this, as I’m usually very sharp about letting people know the UK time, but this was done by a kind American who forgot the UK! It’s up there now. 🙂

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