Tim O’Reilly on Toward The Light 30.11!

~ Notes from Nightingale ~

The Freed Bird ~ What an interesting fortnight it has been — replete with all kinds of symbols and messages.  Wednesday, 26 November, was one such day that was loaded with powerful and inspiring messages.

Alas, I’d just risen and was washing up, when I suddenly heard a strange noise coming from somewhere in my flat.  I stepped into the hall and noticed that the sound was coming from inside the tiny utility closet where the water heater is located.  Above the water heater is a large 4” vent pipe and from there I heard a wild flapping sound.  I realised that that had to be a bird and, indeed, it was!  It must have flown in to the attic via the little vents on the side of the house and the likelihood of it getting out was slim.  Still, I decided to leave the closet door open in the event that the bird might spot the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, uh, vent pipe, and somehow make its way out.  I waited for a good while and, sure enough, I heard more noise.  The bird was flying round the inside of my flat!  YES!!! S/he made it out of the vent pipe!  (See what happens when you follow the light!?)  And I was able to open the back door wide and set the bird free.

This brought such joy to my heart.  I was in total awe.  What were the chances that a trapped bird would break free of a vent pipe in the centre of a dark attic and closet?  I was elated — to say the least — and I felt that it was nothing short of a miracle that the bird did, indeed, find its way to freedom.  I also took this as a powerful message that foretold a pending miracle in my own life.  Perhaps the message in this was even broader to include all of us.

This occurred at a good time, because there’s been much on my mind of late … and I’m sure this is true for most everyone at this point.  Without going into long-winded details, I’ll just say that I’ve been continuing to deal with a very serious health crisis, which has meant that I’ve had to ask some hard questions and face a lot of things squarely and thus to reassess my life and the direction I’ll take from here on out.

I was thoroughly put off by the fact that I couldn’t do my work fully, due to my being violently ill and thrown ‘out of commission’ for a spell.  Fortunately, my daughter was visiting me and she was able to help me whilst in the throes of a spell of painful and violent seizures, but I was grief-stricken that she had to be subjected to my going through this instead of our having a more joyous time together.  Unfortunately, these attacks have increased in frequency and have become more violent and lasting for longer periods of time.  What does this mean?—we were asking, and I now had to face the glaring fact that I could not — and cannot — carry on as I have been…

Alas, I’m one of those people who will keep pushing herself when there’s still work to be done.  Plus the fact that I’m so dedicated to my work and passionate about it — even though most of it is entirely an unpaid labour of love; I’m not keen on having to stop working and leave people hanging whilst I dangle in a delicate balance between two possible destinies…  I’ve got to get a newsletter out; I’ve got to update numerous websites and answer eMails, give consultations and counselling sessions, do some remote healing for clients, return calls, facilitate meetings, produce a radio show … and it goes on and on and on.

Then a couple of days later, I was replying to an eMail when, suddenly, my computer keyboard just stopped working and I couldn’t do anything now!  ‘DRAT!’ I exclaimed.  ‘OK, I get the hint!’  I was clearly being told that I had to REST.  ‘Rest … when I’ve got so much work to do?!  Are you kidding?  I’m alone and there’s no one else available to do all of this work!’  But, alas, there was no kidding around here and I knew it was serious … so I surrendered and finally allowed myself to head to my bed and just stop … and rest.  I allowed my disappointment to melt away and realised that this was all in divine order — that there’s an important reason why I was thrown out-of-commission in order to take the time to look after myself and reflect.

I’ve been asking the hard question: Am I getting ready to transition … or am I being put on notice that a radical shift must take place in my life if I am to remain for a spell longer on this plane?  Thus, I’ve been taking time to look at things from many different angles and to glean clarity about what direction my life path will take.

As dedicated and devoted as I am to my work, I’ve also realised that it’s been way too burdensome for me.  I’m the sole director, secretary, treasurer, booking agent, sponsor, office manager, producer, receptionist and janitor — wearing all of these hats entirely on my own — and it’s too much.  Other people have got booking agents, managers, secretaries, accountants, spouses, partners, assistants and so forth.  I’ve got none of this.  But, alas, this is going to have to change now.  I’m endeavouring to find a place where there’s a community of like-minded individuals I can be with (or near) and no longer continue to journey so all alone for the remainder of time I’ve got left on this plane.  Perhaps, just by doing something as simple as making some adjustments in my life, my health can and will improve and I’ll perhaps have a ‘second wind’ and squeeze just a little bit more good out of this ol’ crone! 🙂

Even though I’ve prayed, cried, pleaded, even written down my goals and wishes for a long time, little of my requests have been granted thus far.  Yet I realise that everything happens at its proper and appointed time and place.  Thus the bird bore a tremendous message to me that perhaps it’s not over yet; perhaps there’s still a chance that I can shine one last time — like the thorn-bird that sings its final and most beautiful song — before I move on to a higher realm!

Where will I go from here?  I do not know, but I am paying attention and listening.  I need to be in a completely different environment and set-up than the one I’m in now … and I’d like to finally leave America.  It is not my home and I feel that my time here is about complete.

What a beautiful message of hope, inspiration and renewal the freed bird provided for me … and I hope for you as well.  Even when we’re in situations that may seem ‘hopeless’ in the moment, we need to remember that love is surrounding us at all times and we need to keep ‘looking up’ and looking forward.  It is a time of tremendous transition and entering into a completely new paradigm.  Pluto just entered Capricorn on 26.11.08 and will remain there for the next 18 years!  This, in itself, speaks of change in ways that we could never have imagined: the old way is dying and the new is coming in … but it means that we’re going to have to completely change the way the think and live, because the old structure — which is based on a lie — is crumbling and dying in order to be replaced with a structure that is centred in love and truth.  Get ready … steady … GO!!! 🙂

This Week On
~ Sunday, 30 November, 2008 ~
Tim O’Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O’Reilly grew up in the Queens region of New York City, USA. He is the producer, director and writer of the documentary, Round Trip: the Near-Death Experience. Tim studied painting and drawing at the Arts Students League of N.Y.C, then studied Film at the School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C. and graduated with a B.F.A., in film.

Tim had a near-death-like experience (NDLE) when he was ten years old. Although Tim didn’t give his NDLE too much thought, he believes it inspired him to make Round Trip, thirty years later.

Round Trip: the Near-Death Experience, endorsed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, originally released on VHS in 1996, has been re-released in DVD on July 2008, with English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) and Spanish and French subtitles.

the Near-Death Experience

Round Trip: the Near-Death Experience


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