Betty Kovacs on Toward The Light 7 December!

Smiling Moon

Smile! Somebody loves you and is smiling back at you!

~ Notes from Nightingale ~

Words of Praise ~ I’m sure that I’m correct in assuming that everyone is uplifted when receiving words of praise.  Well, this past week has been one of those where words of praise were coming at me from all directions and for different reasons!  I’m practically floating on air as a result of this … and also from all of the love and prayers sent my way to help me with my ongoing health crisis.

Alas, during the healing meditation that took place in my honour last Sunday, 30.11, I could actually feel myself becoming lighter and lighter as I silently sat and allowed the love to envelope me.  I was even drawn to tears as this was taking place, that’s how deeply the love was impacting me.

I was also noting that, as I’ve toggled between transitioning and holding on to this earthly form, people have reached out to me with such endearing statements as, ‘we need you here’, and ‘you’re doing such wonderful work and helping so many people’ and ‘you’re the one doing amazing work’ … and so forth.  And you know, even if I were age 107, I’d probably still receive these same pleas!  As one who is dedicated to service to others, being acknowledged and needed is huge, because this lets me know that my efforts and work have not been in vain!

Then, during the week I was dealing with a challenging situation where I worked on a spirit release/clearing for a man in England whose deceased father was incessantly present and greatly disturbing him.  This entity was very tormented and stuck — not a dark or menacing spirit at all — just very lost and plagued with guilt and remorse from past deeds during his lifetime, etc.  With cases like these, one can never tell what the outcome will be, or how effective such a clearing is.  The man had seen me speak here at the ARE Centre in Virginia Beach in September whilst he was visiting from the UK and felt that I was most likely capable of helping with this dire and complex situation.

Well, you can probably imagine how deeply moved I was when I received a phone call from the UK with utter praise and the news that the father had, indeed, moved on — leaving my client free to have proper sleep, which is something he’d not been able to do for months!  Furthermore, this individual wasn’t all that knowledgeable about the Afterlife and what happens to one when one crosses over.  In fact, he even had the belief that the deceased stay in or near the grave itself!  Thus, this was a powerful opportunity to teach this individual about the Afterlife and what happens when one transitions.

As it turns out, I was completely accurate in what I had picked up from the deceased father, what he was conveying to me and the details of his past and even details about other family members who were involved.  I could literally feel the lost soul becoming lighter and free of the gruesome torment that was plaguing him.  And I was able to help him with self-forgiveness, which was key in his being liberated!  I was so elated by the success of this spirit release/clearing and feeling such gratitude indeed.

On top of this I’ve been receiving praise from guests who’ve been on my show with such comments as ‘you’re so easy to talk to’, and ‘you’re most professional and know your topic’, and ‘it’s like having a conversation over tea’ … and this just leaves me in awe and feeling so humbled!  Alas, other radio networks are pursuing me to do shows with them now as well.  It really instils a great feeling inside of me — making me want to do and be the very best that I can.  It’s also telling me that what I’m doing is making a difference and that’s both meaningful and important to me, because, whilst I’m ‘hanging in the balance’, as it were, it’s imperative that I’m fulfilling my calling in the truest sense of the word … for whatever duration I’ve got left on this plane.

There’s so much I could share here — just from the past few days — but I think I’ve given you enough of an idea … and to let you know how deeply grateful I am for all of the love, prayers, praise and friendships that have been birthed as a result.  If it weren’t for all of YOU, I’m certain that I wouldn’t even be sitting here right now.  When we can each take a moment to acknowledge another, please know how very important this is and how deeply it can impact someone.  Just a smile … a nod … a kind word … or other simple gesture will go far and could even make the difference between life and death in certain situations, because you never know when someone will decide to not take one’s life and, instead, hold on because of a kind word or gesture being offered.

It’s the SIMPLE things that make all the difference and what are also noted on the Other Side — not the great feats of accomplishment.

This Week On
~ Sunday, 7 December, 2008 ~
Betty J. Kovacs, Ph.D

Betty KovacsBetty J. Kovacs received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine, in Comparative Literature and Theory of Symbolic Language.  She has studied and taught in Europe and the United States.  She is Professor Emerita, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California, where she taught literature, writing, mythology and symbolic language for over twenty-five years.  She has studied the spiritual traditions of prehistory and indigenous cultures and has worked with shamans from the Amazon and the Andes in Peru.  She has also served many years on the Board of Directors of the Jung Society of Claremont in California.  Dr. Kovacs has been interviewed on radio and local cable TV.  She is author of The Miracle of Death and ‘Journey of the Mothers’ in Earthwalking Sky Dancers.  Recent seminar series include Deeper Orders of Reality: Creating Our Future and The Feminine Dimension of the Divine.

The Miracle of Death

The Miracle of Death


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