About TTL

Toward The Light is a special organisation that offers an abundance of resources and services that bring nourishment to the soul, inspiration, peace of mind and a true sense of well-being. We offer near-death studies & support (including a weekly radio show and monthly NDE support and interest group meetings); psychic, spiritual, motivational & grief counselling; Reiki & remote healing as well as books & DVD/videos on near-death and related topics. We also offer other special products and services for body, mind & spirit. We serve clients world-wide and are available and honoured to accommodate you … wherever you are!

Toward The Light was founded by Rev. Juliet Nightingale—a mystic and Seer from England—who has been through a number of near-death experiences, (NDEs), as a result of life-threatening illnesses since childhood. She’s also had many out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and spiritually transformative experiences (STEs)—all of which have had a profound and lasting effect on her life. Initially, however, she rarely spoke of them as a result of being grossly judged and misunderstood. In 1997 she joined the International Association for Near-Death Studies, (IANDS), and has, since, been able to share her experiences first hand, and has generated great interest and deepening awareness of the profundity of the NDE, OBE & STE in recent years.

Only Love Prevails!