TTL News 14 September 2008

~ Notes from Nightingale ~

An Auspicious Weekend ~ As is typical of me, I’m a night owl and rarely get to bed before 2 or 3A, but I knew that I had a presentation to give in morning, which meant that I had to be up early.  I’d barely dozed off … when I was awakened by the sounds of strong wind and rain beating against my window.  Here’s the storm from Hurricane Hannah, I acknowledged to myself.  I was thinking, go figure that the storm would hit when I was giving a presentation at the Edgar Cayce ARE Centre!  The same thing happened when I last spoke there in December of 2003!  I flew down from Portland, Maine—where I lived at the time—and was stuck in Dulles Airport in Washington, DC both coming and going on that trip.  Going back, I was stuck in DC for two nights as flight after flight back to Portland was cancelled on account of the severe snow storm.  I’m the ‘bringer of storms’, I thought, and had to chuckle in amusement to myself.

Alas, it had only been the previous weekend that a huge flock of birds had landed in my yard—tweeting and carrying on as if in a huge party or convention of their own!  I looked out at them and asked them, ‘Are you giving me an indication of the turnout I’ll have for the upcoming presentation next week?’  There was such a happy, joyous energy surrounding these birds … and, indeed, there have been so many auspicious messages delivered by birds this year.  I had encountered eleven hawks whilst my daughter visited me a few months ago while still living in Vermont, and it was stunning and breath-taking, to say the least.

I got up and was ready when my ride arrived for me early on Saturday morning.  Even as Lloyd was driving me towards the ARE Centre, we spotted patches of blue sky.  Of course, I love the beautiful skyscapes and the beautiful patterns and images found in the clouds.  I was in awe.  It was beautiful!  I really didn’t mind the storm and there seemed to be no harm being inflicted on this area at all—certainly not to my awareness.

We started the presentation a little late in order to give people enough time to arrive due to driving in the wind and rain.  To my delight, I found the mini auditorium filling up!  People sat ready and alert and I was already feeling a sense of awe—that these people were coming to hear me speak!

I gave a two-hour presentation from 10A-12N that was centred on my NDEs and how they have impacted my life.  After a brief lunch break, I returned to the auditorium to give another two-and-a-half-hour workshop centred on intuition, telepathy and the nature of consciousness we come to know as multidimensional beings.  I was again in awe at how many people stayed for the workshop.  They were so attentive and asked wonderful questions during the Q&A session—which is actually my favourite part of any talk or workshop I give, because they remind me of things that are really worth noting … or details that I’d neglected to mention.  I always thank people for their wonderful and thought-provoking questions.  I delight in answering them from my heart and from experience.  I do believe that this is a great source of credible material that people can appreciate—especially since it’s coming from a place of experience and not just from hypothesis or academic study, etc.

I was so pleased to acknowledge several of the guests who’ve been on my radio show, Toward The Light—guests that have added a wealth of validation and meaning to my own experiences and the wisdom gleaned from them.  Hosting a radio show and having such a stellar roster of guests have been invaluable to me and I cherish all of my guests and the treasures they’ve ‘brought to the table’ to share with the world.  Alas, I also cherish my listeners throughout the world and am so honoured to share with them every week.

I must admit that I’m not a professional speaker—not by any means—but I do speak from the heart and from experience … because I was given this assignment whilst on the Other Side.  I’ve had to accept being on radio and television and in other media … and finally, to give public talks.  All I do is pray that I’ll deliver whatever message that particular group or audience needs and that which will inform, inspire and uplift them—removing all traces of fear and doubt in their minds about the nature of consciousness and what death is (or should I say what death isn’t?), because death really is an illusion!

After the presentation and workshop, people queued up and seemed to want more from this humble well.  I was in awe and felt so humbled by all of this.  Not only that, but I was asked to give more presentations that are now in progress of being booked.  I’m completely blown away, because, again, I’m not a ‘pro’ like my friends David Icke and PMH Atwater, for example, who have been tremendous role models for me that I hold in high esteem.  But, as one attendee pointed out to me, I shared from the heart and gave the people exactly what they needed.  And, in truth, that’s all that mattered.  I’m just a humble servant of the Light and my only wish is to give a message of truth and love as revealed through experience and the wisdom and inner knowing that is really inherent in all of us!  As I pointed out during the workshop, we are all little balls of radiant light—all little bits of the LightSource itself!  That is our heritage and our destiny: to move toward the Light which is our final Home…

I want to thank each and every one of those dear souls who attended my presentation last Saturday at the ARE Centre.  It was such an honour to share with you and to be back at the lovely venue where all of this work is held in high esteem.  The little birdies were right; there was a wonderful turnout of people and a fulfilling time was had by all.  Alas, even if only a handful of people had been present, it still would have been so well worth it to me in every way to be there for you.  I am deeply grateful to you and I welcome you reaching out to me any time you need to, because I am here for you.

Light On The WaterLight On The Water ~  It’s here!  Finally, we are now conducting local LOTW NDE support and interest groups meetings on the third Saturday of the month from 1-3P at the Victorian Station Tearoom here in Old Phoebus ~ 36 N. Mallory Street, Hampton, Virginia!  I hadn’t held local meetings for nearly two years, but now I’m pleased to revive the local meeting here in an area where there is tremendous interest in the NDE and related experiences and topics.  While the VB IANDS is focused on speakers and giving presentations (where I just spoke last weekend), LOTW is more focused on intimate discussions where people can share their experiences, questions, concerns and ideals in an environment that’s loving, safe and supportive.  I’m pleased by the encouragement and support in re-establishing the LOTW meetings, so I hope you’ll join us on Saturday, 18 October from 1-3P.  On top of that, one can enjoy good tea and treats in the quaint tearoom of the Victorian Station.

Alas, don’t forget our regularly held LOTW meetings via teleconference, which take place on the fourth Saturday of the month.  The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 27 September from 9-11P ET.  Anyone who can ring a US telephone number can participate.  For more information, please click here.  These teleconference meetings offer the same support and resources as do the local meetings, so please spread the word, as anyone who is interested in this topic is more than welcome to join us!

Finally, I am pleased to have back on Toward The Light, a fellow mate from Lancashire, Matthew Delooze.  He’s going to share his NDE and the positive and not-so-positives aspects of the Afterlife from his own perspective gleaned from his experiences.  He’s also a child abductee and has been catapulted onto a path where he, likewise, has been called to share important messages generated from his own experiences and research.  Like me, he doesn’t regard himself a ‘pro’, yet he keeps his audiences captivated by the amazing things he’s got to share.  I dare say, you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat as you listen to what he’s got to say … so tune in!

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~ Sunday, 14 September 2008 ~
Matthew Delooze

Matthew DeloozeMatthew Delooze was abducted by aliens as a child. His experiences then have led him to uncover evidence that we are ruled covertly by reptilian aliens. He has uncovered symbolism hidden in plain sight in our towns and cities, and in major events like Live 8 to support his ideas. Matthew’s latest book relates the photographs he took at Dendera to what he calls The Serpent Cult, interdimensional aliens who are vampirising our spiritual energy for their own sinister ends. Matthew Delooze is calling for us, the human race, to free ourselves and reclaim our true spiritual legacy. Matthew was born in 1959 and lives with his wife and two grown-up children in Lancashire UK (Juliet’s birthplace!).

Matthew is the author of three books: The Stars Are Falling, You Will Be Wiser When You’re Older and Is It Me For A Moment.