TTL News 19 October 2008

~ Notes from Nightingale ~

Nothing ‘lukewarm’ here! ~ When I put up the announcement for the special panel broadcast on HAARP with David Icke, Cathy O’Brien, Mark Phillips and Alfred Webre on 12 October, it certainly did generate some strong responses and it was, indeed, no surprise. What a contrast of responses or reactions they were as well … from statements like this: ‘…Hearing the strength of these people is giving me the courage to realise the strength of my own potential. To never be afraid of the dark because I go in the knowledge that I am the one who lights it’ to this: ‘More and more fear everywhere I go. Be afraid of this and that until one might become afraid to leave the house. What I loved about your show was that the emphasis was always on love but it feels like it’s about fear first, then love. It makes me sad’.

(I noted that negative comments are always left by ‘anonymous’, strange.)

Here is what I stated to the one centred in fear: ‘If our exposing the dangerous agenda being imposed on us is about ‘fear’, my response to that conclusion is that it’s about warning or alerting people to the truth of what’s actually going on in this dimension, but more importantly, offering a ‘SOULution’ as Cathy O’Brien so rightly puts it. No, indeed, it’s NOT about fear in the least! That’s what we’ve got to move away from and, by all means, being centred in love—unconditional love… But knowing the truth, on the other hand, is what will ultimately set us free—just not getting stuck on the negative or frightening aspects of what’s going on. If we don’t acknowledge and face the challenges that are plaguing this world squarely, and instead fall into denial … or insisting that we look at everything through rose-coloured glasses, dear soul, we’re missing the point. We can’t remedy something or find resolve by going into denial. The whole idea, here, is to face what’s going on, but choosing not to participate in the imposed agenda and falling into the lower frequencies of fear. It’s imperative that we constantly work to raise our frequency into that of love and also to honour our own divine heritage. Alas, it is through love and awareness that we will be set free…’ And I later added: ‘If you listened to this panel of special guests, you’d hear (and will hear) us talking about love and the ‘soulutions’ available to us all. We’re not going to focus on the ‘negative’—not by any means—nor have we ever done that on Toward The Light’.

Mark Phillips wasn’t able to join the panel for reasons beyond his control, but Alfred, David and Cathy shared so beautifully and eloquently from their own experiences and wisdom. What’s interesting is that, yes, each of us did address what we know about HAARP and other things going on in this world, but the conversation was mainly focused and centred on the most positive input … such as Cathy pointing out that none of this can even touch the soul, our real self, and she also never fails to point out that these entities or ‘Shadow People’ as David calls them, are ‘flat thinkers’ who cannot fathom the power of the human spirit or of love; they do not possess empathy in any way whatsoever. Consequently, they cannot triumph over us in any way—also because they’re operating on such a low frequency within a very tiny spectrum.

In fact, the dark ones are so desperate at this point, because people are waking up en masse, that they’re trying everything they can to squelch the love and the light, but they will never succeed. I know this from the depths of my being, because this was also revealed to me during my NDEs and other spiritually transformative experiences. There was NO question that everything is evolving exactly the way it should and I can honestly say that I was utterly and completely free of fear and at peace. FMI, see Nightingale’s NDE.

Cathy is also a multiple NDEr and she knows this as well. This is a lady who’s been through unspeakable trauma throughout her life at the hands of the highest government leaders … yet she’s a shining example of the power of divine intervention. She is a radiant being who’s so full of love and joy and is truly inspired. She’s healed remarkably from what she’d endured and is, indeed, a living testament to the power of the human spirit and of love.

Then David, bless him, was talking about the fact that he’s got no need for external protection—having no bodyguard and travelling throughout the world in the knowing (something beyond mere faith) that he is divinely protected and that no one has got the power to bring him down or take him out until he’s ready to leave this plane! He spoke with such clarity and conviction and with passion.

Alfred was sharing such positive insights about the future of humanity—both from a scientific and intuitive vantage point. He’s a wonderful combination of the lofty and scientific mind-set all rolled into one. I was so excited and pleased by what he had to share, I could hardly contain myself!

I was so high after the show. Alas, Cathy repeatedly pointed out the necessity of being aware of what’s going on here—what we’re dealing with on this plane—so that we can take responsibility, become proactive and make the positive changes we want to see manifest on this plane. When we remember our own divinity and claim back our power, it’s amazing what we, as a powerful and truly light-filled species, can accomplish. Alfred was also pointing out what a special and galactic species we are that is moving into a whole new reality of being. Indeed, we have got so much to look forward to.

The love and the optimism held by all of us was profound … and it was so easy to share not only the truth of what is taking place in our world, but the tremendous hope and opportunity that await us in future! These dear souls are such endearing examples of the triumph of love over fear and, when we can remember Who we are … and our divine heritage, nothing whatsoever can render harm or destroy us in any way. And the times that we are living in now are providing a tremendous opportunity to prove that very fact!

The archived show is up now, so you’ll have to tune in and listen to something that will truly inspire you to the core of your being!

More good news: Toward The Light is now being syndicated on Glastonbury Radio Network in the UK!

Don’t forget: Our local Light On The Water NDE support and interest group meeting is this Saturday, 18 October, from 1-3P ET at the Victorian Station Tea Room, 36 Mallory Street, Old Phoebus, Hampton, Virginia. Join us!

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~ Sunday, 19 October 2008 ~
Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell is a true renaissance man with an Honours degree in both music and mathematics. Since graduating, he has worked as a musician with Warner Chappel, Warner Brothers, Reality Entertainment, Australian TV, and is a member of PRS. He has also lectured, given workshops and served as a facilitator for events ranging from management training to alternative energies, quantum physics, NLP, and the British Society of Dowsers Special Research Group. He has made films for various groups (community/schools/education/police/health services) as well as having won a young film maker award – segment of film featured on TV.

In addition Steve is also a trained counsellor, Reiki Practitioner and Chios® Master and uses a combination of positive life changing affirmations, Shiatsu and NLP based techniques to enable people to affect constructive and valuable changes to their life path. With a firm rooting in provable quantum and scalar electromagnetic science he is evolving new methods in person centred therapy for the 21st century. This means that ultimately his client’s needs are met on multiple levels so that they can reveal the healing in their lives that is most suited to their current situation and spiritual direction.

Dragons & Rings

Dragons & Rings by Steve Mitchell. Prepare to step into the world of magic, mystery and myth as Steve Mitchell reveals the truth about ancient stone monuments, crop circles and the world of dragon lore. Linking quantum theory with UFO’s, paranormal phenomena and the wisdom of our ancestors, Mitchell answers questions that modern scientists and archeologists are loath to put on record.

What is the real purpose and function of stone circles?

How are they linked to the crop circle and UFO phenomena?

Was it by chance or did an elder human race really have intricate knowledge of the dynamics of inter-dimensional reality hundreds of thousands of years ago?

Are we alone or part of a multi-dimensional universe with the keys to other worlds at our very fingertips?


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