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A Bridge-builder ~ I met MaAnna Stephenson whilst attending a Noetic Sciences meeting in Nashville a few years ago.  She approached me after my having given an announcement and, once we started talking, it was evident that we were kindred spirits.  She attended the FOI (Friends of IANDS) Nashville meetings that I facilitated—having had a spiritually transformative experience (STE), which she shared with the group.  It’s fair to say that she’s actually had a number of STEs and meeting me seemed to compliment her research into all this and helping enable her to better understand them on a deeper level and to share them. This also coincided with her initiation and growth in the realm of shamanism and other spiritual disciplines.  She has been an avid researcher of technical, scientific and New-Age thought.

With a strong creative and academic background—not to mention her having a healthy dose of curiosity—MaAnna has also been gifted with intuitive skills and lucid dreaming.  Because of this combination, she’s been catapulted into the work of bridging the gap between ‘science and intuition’–or, to use her words: ’Harmonising the full range of frontier science with current intuitive wisdom and practice’.   Her new book, The Sage Age is the outcome of this dedicated pursuit.

I cannot tell you the countless hours we’ve spent in dialogue together—even into the wee hours—picking each other’s brains, as it were, sharing ideas, experiences, resources and more.  There was also a good amount of humour and laughter thrown into the mix.  For me it has been tremendously refreshing to commune with someone who possesses depth and understanding on a number of levels and I am pleased to have come into MaAnna’s life at such an auspicious time and to witness the unfolding of her tremendous book.  To be a wise elder that she could turn to at any given time has meant a lot to me and taking her under my cosmic wing helped to facilitate the maturation of her own spiritual path and growth.  That’s a huge part of what I’m here for … and it has truly been an honour for me to be a part of this special and profound blossoming.

The Sage Age will be featured in the 22nd September edition of Publishers Weekly.  Keep your eye on MaAnna Stephenson, as this dear soul is going to soar!

You’ll definitely want to tune in to Toward The Light as I interview MaAnna on Sunday.  Don’t miss it! )

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~ Sunday, 21 September 2008 ~
MaAnna Stephenson

MaAnna StephensonMaAnna Stephenson ~ While currently known as a visionary thinker and new author, MaAnna Stephenson is a true Renaissance Woman. From an early age she was exposed to a myriad of influences, including her father’s engineering and artistic endeavours, her maternal line of intuitives, and an intrinsic fascination with sound and music. Born in the small town of Humboldt, Tennessee, MaAnna began her journey as the youngest of three children with a huge age gap between her siblings and herself. Constant inclusion in the world of adults led to an early maturity and perhaps a different view of the world than most children experience—especially with the special gifts of the adults in her family. None of it was lost on young MaAnna. “My mother was also an intuitive, as were all the women in my immediate family. Having psychic senses was quite normal and the information derived from these methods was respected and adhered to. I became accustomed quite early to the fact that there were things—forces and powers—which could not be measured with a ruler but were just as real as anything I could see or touch.”

An additional gift was bestowed by her paternal grandmother—the gift of music. Time spent at the organ with her grandmother, who was well known for her passion for music, ignited a flame in MaAnna as well. By the time she was a teenager, she was already a multi-instrumentalist and composer, exploring sounds and techniques with special interest in how they affected listeners spiritually and emotionally. Her advanced education continued this line of exploration as she attended Jackson State Community College and Lambuth University concurrently, double majoring in Music and Acoustics with a special apprenticeship at a local recording studio as a sound engineer.

MaAnna transferred to Jackson Area Vocational and Technical School, acquiring a degree in Electronics. This led to a prestigious job offer and subsequent move to Dallas, Texas in 1984. She continued her work in sound engineering and music with several international hits to her credit. After a decade in the big city, she accepted a field assignment in Nashville, Tennessee, where she has resided since.

It was in Nashville that she began her writing career with a short story triggering what she calls ’soul memories’. In response to her experience, MaAnna began her self-education in the fields of technical, scientific and New-Age thought, exploring ancient mysticism and the rational sciences with equal emphasis. After a five-year preparation period, she was initiated as a Shamanka (feminine for shaman). Her training for this initiation further contributed to her education process as she continued her studies in reconciling the rational sciences and the intuitive arts. This process has culminated in the writing of the newly released The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom.

While maintaining this intense pace, MaAnna has somehow found time to feed her inner artist, working in stained glass, wood carving and, of course, continuing to indulge her love of music. A member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, she considers herself a ‘bridge builder’ as well as an artist, composer, scholar and author. Her current focus on ‘new models for new thought’ is leading her to develop interactive classes that continue to explore the concepts in The Sage Age.

Sage Age

The Sage Age