TTL News 28 September 2008

Notes from Nightingale

Buried Treasures ~ Yesterday was a very exciting day for me in that I finally was able to unpack the [seemingly] countless boxes of books and put them on the newly acquired book shelves that were filled to near capacity!  I kept thinking of the books that have come to me as a result of doing the radio show and the exceptional people who authored them.  I paused to reflect and was feeling such a profound sense of gratitude and joy.  It’s nice to have these ‘buried treasures’ unearthed once again and accessible to me.  I also had to marvel at all of the marvellous work we’re doing collectively—to help inspire people into the realisation that we live forever and that there is no death and, therefore, nothing to fear.  I looked at these books with a sense of awe as I lovingly and reverently placed them on the shelves.  If any of you authors were aware of me, yesterday, it’s because I was beaming lots of love and acknowledgement your way—that which you truly deserve.  And, indeed, I want to extend my thanks to you for honouring your calling and participating in this special work.  Together, all of us can accomplish the work of moving the masses into a new paradigm that’s centred in love, our divinity and greatness, and truth … rather than in fear and feeling small and worthless.  We are all ‘Source Beams’ that are always connected to Source.  How could we not be?  If the sunbeams can never be separate from the sun and it’s light, how can we be separate from the LightSource?  So that’s part of the discovery that we’re engulfed in right now—discovering (or rather, remembering) Who we are.

In fact, I met a fuzzy black caterpillar last night and took her into my hand and greeted her.  ‘Look at you,’ I said.  ‘You’re going to become a butterfly at some point soon—as we all are—but you cannot even fathom what Butterfly is, can you?—having glorious wings and being able to fly!  Alas, none of us can fathom the tremendous being that we’ll be evolving in to, but you will … and we will … once it unfolds and takes place.  Bless you, little friend,’ I said as I gingerly set her back down in the grass where she’d be safe.  She reminded me to be aware of what our great potential is … and not to be caught in the fear and chaos of the changing and challenging times we’re now enduring in this illusory world.  The planet is going into labour, as it were, and being made ready for a new birth.  Hold on, everyone, and stay centred in love—whatever you do.  We can do this…

Again, thanks to all of you who are helping in the process of remembering…

And speaking of people who are doing tremendous work in helping to bring the Truth into the light of day, my friend David Icke will be in California this weekend and my daughter, DJamil, will be there as well for a very special presentation that DI is giving in Santa Clara, California.  I will truly be with you in spirit, David & DJamil, but my body will have to remain here on the east coast as I’m endeavouring to recover from the health crisis that still plagues me and making it impossible to travel.  If you are aware of a wee sprite dancing on your shoulder, that’s me … and I love you dearly!

And here’s some more…

Special Live Panel on TTL ~ Sunday, 12 October! ~ Mark your calendar for Sunday, 12 October 2008, as we’ll be presenting a special two-hour live panel broadcast at 5P EDT/10P BST on Toward The Light, featuring Alfred Webre, David Icke, Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips along with your host, Rev. Juliet Nightingale, who will be discussing and revealing little-known facts about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Find out the truth about HAARP—the ultimate war machine—and the horrendous impact it’s having on our solar-system, our planet and even on individuals. This is a show not to be missed!

JN Presentation at the VB IANDS now available on VHS or DVD! ~ Both the talk and workshop that Juliet gave at the Virginia Beach IANDS at the ARE Centre on 6 September are now available for purchase.  There are two DVDs: one for the morning presentation and one for the workshop centred on intuition, telepathy and the nature of consciousness.  They are available at $10 per DVD/video plus $2 P&P.  To order, please contact Dick Dinges at or ring him at 757.481.0061.  All proceeds go to support the VB IANDS.

LOTW ‘Virtual’ Meeting This Saturday! ~ Please join us this Saturday, 27 September, for our Light On The Water NDE support and interest group meeting via teleconference at 9P US ET.  We were on recess for summer, but are now back in session again every fourth Saturday of the month from 9-11P ET.  Information or RSVP, Tel. 615.292.2217 or 757.772.0227 or Skype: N2Light. The telephone number to ring in for the meeting is 712.775.7100 ~ access code is 512070# ~ so please join us, as all are welcome!

Don’t forget our local LOTW meeting that will take place on Saturday, 18 October from 1-3P at the Victorian Station Tea Room.  (See right side panel.)

This Week on Toward The Light
~ Sunday, 28 September 2008 ~
Kimberly Wencl

Kimberly WenciKimberly Wencl is a wife to Roger and mother to Elizabeth and Anna and has been employed by SPX Corporation in Owatonna, Minnesota for 34 years—working in purchasing, sales, and customer service. Her present position is in International customer service. She says she lives a very ordinary life and loves every minute of it.

She has always been interested and fascinated by psychic phenomenon, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and spirit communication. However, she had absolutely no personal experience with any of them.

That all changed on 20th September, 2003, when her daughter, 20-year-old University of Minnesota student, Elizabeth Wencl, died from an early morning fire at her duplex just blocks from the University. Kim now shares the truly amazing journey through the devastating loss of her daughter. She shares the premonitions she received prior to Liz’s death as well as the messages and signs she and others received from Liz after her death—ultimately leading her to Kathryn Harwig, an internationally-acclaimed author, teacher, trainer, attorney, intuitive and friend. Kathryn was able to bridge the gap between mother and daughter, and Kim’s life has been forever changed.

Kim will share her own personal journey to intuitive knowing and peace. In November 2005 she completed Kathryn’s Intuitive Mastery Program, and since that time, her own intuitive abilities have continued to grow and get stronger. She now strives to incorporate this gift into her everyday life, to share her story, and to help others on their life journeys.

Kim’s story is included in the book, True Stories of Messages From Beyond, by Julie Aydlott. It was released in July, 2007 and is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the website:

This will be a very heart-warming and inspiring show, so please do join us!