TTL News 7 September 2008

~ Notes from Nightingale ~

An Exciting Week! ~ Some of you are already aware that I am preparing for a powerful presentation and workshop that I’ll be giving at the ARE Centre here in Virginia Beach on Saturday, 6 September.  It will be so lovely to once again appear at this special centre that was founded by Edgar Cayce and helping to further the message that he brought to the world.  He was, indeed, a pioneer in the realm of psychic phenomena, metaphysics, reincarnation, the Afterlife, healing and consciousness—just to name a few.

Despite the challenges of my having been sent back to this plane all these times (from my NDEs and sickbeds), I feel deeply honoured, nonetheless, to do the work in helping to spread the message that life is eternal and that consciousness is limitless!  It’s infinite!  And when we start to awaken to this truth and discover it within our own being, it’s amazing what comes forth and what we can do as divine beings.

That’s why hosting this radio show, Toward The Light, is invaluable to me—especially when I think of the tremendous guests I’ve had on the show for the past two and a half years … and the ones lined up yet to come.  After hearing their testimonies, what they’ve discovered through their research, education and experiences, and how they’ve integrated all of this into their lives, it’s quite stunning to behold—not to mention downright inspiring!  Just listening to one show has got the potential to change your life forever; and the feedback I’ve received from listeners all over the world has been a testament to this fact.

I’ve always loved reading biographies, because the myriad of stories that people share about their life experiences are so moving and awe-inspiring—just what the human spirit can do and is capable of.  It is enough to take my breath away.  We learn so much by their losses and triumphs, joys and sorrows and their overcoming the greatest odds.  NDE accounts are a very good example of this and that’s why I am pleased to provide a platform upon which people can share the profundity of these life-altering experiences that leave us transformed forever.

I believe that it is important to look upon one another with respect and admiration—even those with whom we do not necessarily resonate—because there is a message here that is serving our growth and evolution.  There’s a tremendous unfolding taking place, an opportunity to learn and grow in ways that we never could have imagined—just by being exposed to the life paths of other human beings … and learning from the lessons and examples they’ve had in their lives.

Paul Elder is going to be my special guest on Sunday and, besides both of us being multiple NDErs, we’ve both got a background in media.  One notable difference between us, however, is that he was a politician; yet his NDEs changed and transformed him completely … and you can read about all of this in his book, Eyes of an Angel.  We’ll be discussing the details of this during the show as well.

I hope you will join us for the upcoming presentation on Saturday (if you’re in the region) and on Sunday for another special transmission of Toward The Light with Paul Elder.

Paul Elder

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~ Sunday, 7 September 2008 ~
Paul Elder

Paul Elder has spent a lifetime studying human nature from a unique perspective. He is a survivor of three near-death experiences: a drowning at the age of 12, a car accident at 17, and a heart attack at the age of 41.

Along with the trauma and subsequent beauty of death came a series of spontaneous spiritual events—events that would rock his world—turning his belief system upside down, and leaving him with some profound insights as to our true nature and purpose in the universe.

After spending nearly a decade as a radio and television news reporter, Elder ventured into a career of politics and business spanning more than 20 years. Forever grateful for his near-death experiences, his spiritual insights helped to mould and deeply influence his approach to politics, business, and life.

A trainer for the world-famous Monroe Institute, Paul lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and spends his time writing, teaching, and speaking throughout the United States and Canada on the phenomenon of near-death and out-of-body experiences.

Eyes of an Angel
Eyes of an Angel