JNs Bio

Rev. Juliet NightingaleBritish mystic, Rev. Juliet Nightingale, is the founder of the organisation, Toward The Light.  She is a minister of Metaphysics, a clairvoyant spiritual advisor/counsellor and medium, Reiki and remote healing practitioner, and one who’s had multiple near-death experiences (NDEs). She’s a life-long mystic and Seer who’s been on a divine quest all of her life. Since childhood, she realised that she was sent here to fulfil a sacred mission … and the LightSource has repeatedly affirmed that calling whilst Nightingale was on the Other Side.

As a result of her deep convictions concerning near-death and similar experiences, Nightingale is very committed to helping to bring peace of mind to the masses via her organisation and weekly live radio programme.  She is the host of the ground-breaking radio show, Toward The Light, that broadcasts live every Sunday evening at 5P ET/10P UK on BBSRadio.com.  The show is centred on the nature of consciousness and life continuum as revealed through near-death/out-of-body and other spiritually transformative experiences and related topics.  She features a stellar roster of special guests who are both experiencers and researchers in the realm of NDEs and more.  With an extensive background in the media, Nightingale has put her multi-faceted skills to go use with such a powerfully informative and uplifting show–one that is syndicated on three different networks, including in the UK.

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