Rebirthing TTL News!

•28 October, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Welcome to the new site for the TTL News!  Since the other site was very unstable and I was receiving a lot of spam comments (thank goodness the comments had to be approved), I decided to research for a better host site for the newsletter.  I’m trying this site, even though I’ve got issues with this one as well. LOL 😉

So many of these sites break and/or eliminate the code (HTML) that I insert, which I find so odd, but we’ll see how things go here and at least it’s a creative — if not tiring — process that I love nonetheless.

Hopefully, as you look at this site, its beauty and content will inspire you.  That’s the point … so stand by and the new newsletter will be published later this week at its usual time.  There’s a lot of news … so you won’t want to miss it!